Warehousing & drop shipping

Warehousing & drop shipping

Our warehouse staff are highly trained in handling and packaging items and their safe delivery.

Kitting & Sorting

FullPhilippines is not just dedicated to providing packaging and deliveries. Kitting and sorting are also part of the services on offer. Especially when space is at a premium at the client’s manufacturing facility. We bring technology and a desire to excel to the most challenging projects.

Bagging and Labeling

Bagging and labeling are the Alpha and Omega of e-commerce fulfillment services. At Fullphilippines we have a wide range of possibilities and pricing options customizable by quantities and product types.

Inventory Storage

Guaranteeing you the confidence in terms of inventory is essential to supplying customer demand. Fullphilippines assures you the best protection and availability for your product pallet. Enjoy a secure environment 24/7 protected with modern and physical security. Additionally, the elements can be unforgiving, with our facilities your products get the best protection in a temperature controlled environment.

What We Do

Our job is to help you amaze your clients. We are a FinTech logistics platform aimed to serve eCommerce who wishes to enter the Philippines market. We have the perfect solution for merchants who need to manage their supply chain and last mile partners in a COD environment. Having a turn-key solution in which you only need your products requires many pieces of the puzzle which have to fit together.

Assist with importing

Importing into the Philippines can be a real hassle, we ensure that potential bottlenecks are avoided through experience and effective communication with authorities.

Warehouse & drop shipping

Storage is more than not moving an item- it’s making sure it’s in as good a shape going out as it went in, this includes making sure it’s secure at all times of day and night and still available so when the cash is ready so is the delivery.

Real time tracking

Decision making is critical for your business. Having the latest information is crucial for making those decisions. Don’t let blind spots cost you cash sale deliveries when we can keep you on top the best timing between you and the customer.

Managing the last mile

Logistics is a linked chain, we need to make sure you always picked the best one- with us you can control all suppliers and service providers via one system. We want that last mile to be there right when the cash is ready for your great product.

Payment solution

We combine multiple tools to overcome traditional commerce challenges such as having cash ready on delivery and optimal cash flow control. With us, connect to a world of communication and information technologies securing cash commerce where it counts, at delivery.

Local customer service

We believe in fighting and saving each sale by understanding the needs and desires of our customers and knowing their most troubling problems. Our technology assisted staff has a common language and a deep understanding of the market to ensure sales are safe when the cash meets the delivery.

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