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We next day ship all orders received into our system by 7 PM manila time.

Order received on Saturday are shipped on Monday.

Within metro Manila usually it takes up to 2 working days, outside of manila it may take up to 5 working days to deliver.

If the customer is not at home, our couriers will make three attempts in the next three days. There is also a standby conversion team who will contact the customer and coordinate the next attempts.

Most of the orders in the Philippines are cash on delivery, the last mile Delivery Company collects the money from the customer and deposit it in our account after a several clearance days. Our  system and back office tracks each order making sure payments are logged and automatically wires outstanding payments. The system real time updated and available to users at any given moment to check reports on collected cash flow, fund awaiting clearance and payments wired to you.

Usually, in this case, the last mile delivery company returns the parcel to our warehouse and we update the system so you can see the stock back in inventory.

Yes, we wrap the items in bubble wrap and then in pouches before shipping to the customer.

By working with the most reliable last mile delivery companies in the Philippines we can get you to almost any place in the entire country. Our system allows better real-time tracking and management of multiple delivery services to optimize operations and cost.

Yes, just update the system on the delivery date desired. It should be noted that delivery dates should not be more 5 days after purchase, as per our experience, the fulfillment rate drops dramatically with the average client.

If you are interested in doing eCommerce in the Philippines and want to offer cash on delivery payment solution to your customers, as well as looking to outsource your logistics management and improve efficiency – You’ve come to the right place.

Parcels valued over 2000 PHP will be insured by the last mile delivery company. In case a parcel is lost we will deal with the value claim and refund on your behalf.

We have no minimum order.

We have no requirements for COD service.

Our warehouse is in 2232 Chino Rosses ave, Makati, Manila Philippines.

We are integrated into numerous platforms, such as Shopify, Majento and many more, feel free to contact us for details.

We offer an open order fulfillment API that can be coded into your website. Our API is based on the REST API standard. Please e-mail our support team for more information on how to easily integrate to our system.


FullPhillipines the global village, with roots in the startup nation of Israel, branches in the US and fruits that can be enjoyed all over Asia. We bring communication and technology looking to improve traditional commerce and trade processes. We want to bring smiles and happiness to clients, workers and merchants. We’re always thankful to our partners for being there for us and making this vision a reality.

Our Mission

Over the years we’ve developed a logistical and information technology bridge for international merchants to across their products in a smooth and affordable manner to Filipino customers maximizing return on delivery and shading light on the logistic process.

Let’s get in touch

Molave Building 2232 Don Chino Roces Ave.Makati City, 1220, Philippines
Tel: +63 (0) 917 706 4831